September 19 – West Music will be at our Share Session!

We are excited to have West Music at our September 19th Membership Share Session.  This is a FREE workshop, so come and bring your friends.  Call the new music teachers in your district and invite them to attend.

Payments for West Music Products will be made to HOA.  We will accept cash, check, or charge (credit or debit) payments. Sorry no school PO’s accepted.
Share Session:
Our members are among the BEST music teachers in the country.  We are constantly looking for new and better ways to teach and we love to share what we know with other teachers.  If you have a lesson that has been particularly successful with your students we’d love to have you share it with us:
  • Presentation of lessons should last no longer than 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Send your written handout as a PDF or word file to by September 16 to be included in the handout packet.  If you miss the deadline, please make and bring 50 copies of your lesson to share.
  • Lessons for all grade levels K-6 are welcome.

You do not HAVE to share a lesson to attend.  Everyone is welcome!  Come and learn, see old friends, meet new friends and be a part of this AMAZING organization!

Workshop attendees may pay membership dues and/or pre-registration for workshops either onsite or online or through PayPal.  Be sure to fill out the online registration form ahead of time (under the workshop tab – Information and Registration).
Our registration and PayPal buttons will be up and running soon!