February Workshop with Connie Van Engen!

We’re excited to have local Orff Schulwerk specialist Connie Van Engen present this Saturday’s workshop!

“Sound Structures for Creative Musicians” will focus on beginning with imitation, through exploration, until students can confidently improvise. A student who improvises is engaged in a process, which invites thought, application, synthesis, and more. Through active participation, collaboration, personal reflection, and group discussion, we will explore several structures designed to move students from imitation and exploration to improvisation.

Be sure to register early! Hover over the “workshops” label above and click on Information and Registration. If it’s your first workshop this year (first, WELCOME!!), fill out the online registration form and pay your workshop dues by clicking on the “buy now” buttons.

{Remember, on-site registration is an extra $10!}

connie van engen promo