4. AOSA Conference Scholarship

HOA gives one scholarship each year to attend the AOSA national conference.  This scholarship is open to any HOA member who has never attended a national AOSA conference.  The scholarship covers the cost of registration ($299).  Travel, food and hotel are not included.
This year’s conference is in Dallas, November 8-11.  If you have never been to a national AOSA conference, you SHOULD apply for this scholarship.  The conference will inspire, encourage and uplift you and your teaching!
The scholarship winner must become an AOSA member to attend the conference.  You can do this at our September or October workshops.  Or register online at aosa.org to become a national member.  (cheaper than paying the non-member fee at the conference)
To Apply:  Write a brief 100-200 word essay about why you should attend the conference and how it will effect your teaching.
After the conference, plan to give back to the Heart of America chapter by volunteering your help during a workshop, helping with snacks, speaking to the group about what you learned at the conference, and/or becoming a member of the board (which is an AMAZING team!)
Application deadline is September  18th.  Please send your essay and how you would like to help tosmhampton_7@yahoo.com by September 18th!  The HOA board will anonymously read the essays and vote for the most eligible candidate.  The winner will be notified at the Share Session on September 19th.  You need not be present to win.